Cooking Classes in the Valley

Savoring long summer nights while day dreaming about warm sweaters is a real dilemma in the Northwest. Fortunately, the Snoqualmie River Valley offers a delicious lineup of local cooking classes to help your taste buds dance between the seasons. No matter your level of experience, you can learn tricks in the kitchen that will help extend your summer cooking while easing your appetite into the savory flavors of fall. Interactive cooking classes are a great way to expand your budding culinary skills in a small group setting or try something completely new under the guidance of locally renowned chefs.

See first-hand how easy it is to make heirloom cheese from scratch or hand forged pizza dough topped with your most loved ingredients. Wondering what to do with the bounty of fresh produce you brought home from the local Farmers Market? The Valley has a fermenting class for you.

We’ve highlighted a few of the places in the Valley where you can find upcoming classes that offer enticing menus and great atmosphere for a wonderful experience. What’s even more fun is to share the experience with a visiting out-of-town guest or to make it a date with a special someone.

Carnation Farms – Carnation

Get master tips on how to preserve the bounty of farmers markets, make your own wood-fired pizza, and transform your locally picked produce into pickled treasures.

28901 NE Carnation Farms Road, Carnation


Heirloom Cookshop – Snoqualmie

Learn the classics of pasta making, homemade cheese, or take a dive into the subculture of home brewing.

38767 SE River Street, Snoqualmie


Trimazing – Snoqualmie Valley

Explore plant-based vegan cooking as a way to incorporate more fruits, vegetables and whole grains into your daily nutrition.


The Snoqualmie Valley is brimming with local food experiences. This guide and map gives you all the info you need about food and farm events, farmers markets, u-pick farms, breweries and wineries, farm-to-table restaurants, and more.