Your Quick Guide to CSAs

More and more people are turning to locally grown food for the unbeatable flavor and freshness. The market for CSAs—which connect you directly with farms—has grown in leaps and bounds. But, with so many choices out there, how do you decide which to choose?

We’ve compiled a quick guide to CSAs from the Snoqualmie Valley. Located just minutes from Seattle, the Snoqualmie Valley is home to nearly one hundred small family farms producing meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruit, flowers, and honey for the Puget Sound region. So, there’s a lot of farms to choose from.

In a CSA, you purchase a “subscription” at the beginning of the season and in exchange receive a box of farm-fresh produce each week, once harvesting begins. By purchasing the CSA at the beginning, you help farms pay for seeds, equipment, and labor to prepare the soil. Each farm has a different combination of box sizes and add-ons (like butter or milk), so there is sure to be one that’s right for your family!


Snoqualmie Valley CSAs:

Changing Seasons Farm

Changing Seasons Farm is a small family farm growing a wide variety of vegetables using ecologically sustainable methods. Seasonally available vegetables include artichokes, tomatoes, chili and sweet peppers, summer and winter squash, green beans, pea pods, lettuce, kale, cucumbers, chard, beets, carrots, leeks, and sugar pumpkins.
Produce is Certified Naturally Grown and the farm is Salmon-Safe. The farm provides produce to people in the Seattle–Eastside area through CSA boxes that are available for pick up at the farm and in Issaquah. There CSA season generally runs July–August


Falling River Meats

Falling River Meats offers a year round CSA sign up with quarterly meat delivered to your door step. They supply, beef, pork, lamb, goat, rabbit, chicken and turkey all from local farms.  When signing up customers choose the type of meat, size, with the option to add on other types of meat as well.


First Light Farm

First Light Farm’s neighborhood CSA program (Greenwood/Phinney) has two options for their June–October CSA: 1) a C-CSA program where people join as members of the farm for $35.00 for the year and get to select each week what they want in their delivery from what is seasonal in our fields; and 2) a regular CSA program with different sized options for individuals, small, and large families. First Light also offers a mini farm and U-pick program.


Goose and Gander Farm

This Carnation farm has a 22-week CSA of farm fresh produce, with delivery to neighborhoods around Seattle. Boxes available include the standard share and large share. Eggs, poultry, flowers, and honey add-ons available for all or some of the season.


Jubilee Farm

Jubilee provides families of the greater Seattle area with a diverse selection of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and meat, all of which are cultivated using organic farming practices. Jubilee Farm offers five CSA sessions throughout the year, including winter, early spring, late spring, summer, and fall sessions, and has two different sizes of boxes you can chose from.


Kamayan Farm

Kamayan has a 20 week “Veggie Box” with add-ons of honey, wreaths, flowers, and herbal products. You can get a full or a half share with pick up sites in Montlake, Ravenna, Phinney Ridge, and North Beacon Hill.


Local Roots

Local Roots is in its 11th year of farming and doing a CSA program, and offers a variety of vegetables, all grown on the farm. Local Roots’ season is 26 weeks (June to November) with pickup sites all over Seattle and on farm pickup. They also offer an egg add-on from Goose & Gander Farm.


Mezza Luna Farms

Mezza Luna Farms offers a variety of vegetables and culinary herbs in three different box sizes: small, regular, and large. Boxes are to be picked up at the farm on harvest days. Mezza Luna Farms use organic, non-GMO seed sources and organic fertilizers and compost, and are dedicated to sustainable growing methods and do not use pesticides or herbicides.


Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative

About 20 small farms have banded together to form this co-op. Together, they have a 20-week CSA with many optional add-ons. Add-ons include local dairy products, eggs, and meat. They also have a 4-week trial box if you wanted to dip your toe in before you take the plunge of a full-summer CSA. Pickups are on Thursdays at many locations throughout King County.


Sol to Seed Farm

Located on the banks of the Snoqualmie River, Sol to Seed Farm offers a 15-week CSA (June 21-September 27) with pick up at the farm on Wednesdays. The CSA box will feed 2 predominantly vegetarian eaters or 2 adults and 2 children who include fresh vegetables with meals.


Steel Wheel Farm

Steel Wheel Farm is a small, first-generation family farm in Fall City. They offer a 20-week summer CSA where you can choose to have deliveries every week or bi-weekly. All their produce is chemical-free and grown on their farm. They also have a 6-week fall CSA.